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Public Notice

Crawford County Board of Education

The Crawford County School System offers the following career and technical education programs for all students regardless of race, color, national origin, including those with limited English proficiency, sex or disability in grades 6-12.

Crawford County Middle School – Grades 6-8


Crawford County High School

Forest Mechanical Systems; Forestry/Natural Resources Management; Forestry Management Systems; Forestry/Wildlife Systems; Horticulture/Mechanical Systems; Agriculture Mechanics Systems; Horticulture and Forest Science; Plant Mechanical Systems; Human Resource Management; Entrepreneurship; Carpentry; Electrical; Plumbing; Masonry; Therapeutic Services/Patient Care; Engineering and Technology; Army JROTC


Persons seeking further information concerning career and technical education offerings and specific prerequisite criteria should contact:

Mr. David Shepard

CTAE Director

400 East Agency Street

Roberta, GA 31078


[email protected]


Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policy should be directed to:

Dr. Christopher Ridley

Assistant Superintendent

190 East Crusselle Street

Roberta, GA 31078


[email protected]