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Professional Learning

Welcome to the Professional Learning Department website. The Professional Learning Department is committed to providing support for our employees so that they can help ensure the success of all of our students. Over the past three years, we have hosted two Professional Learning Symposiums in December 2018 and again in December 2020, which allowed EVERY teacher to receive professional learning in areas that positively impacts student achievement. The district was awarded a $5,000 Flint Energies Grant to assist with sponsoring this event. In addition, the district's first Leadership Summit was held in June 2021, which allowed district leaders, school leaders, and teacher leaders to participate in three days of collaborative planning and team building activities.  
As a district, we are focusing on strengthening our Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) at the school and district levels. Grade-level and departmental teams meet weekly to participate in school-based PLCs, while school and district leaders meet monthly to participate in district-based PLCs. This is known as the A-TEAM: Administrators/Coaches - Teaching - Empowering - Assisting - Monitoring/Modeling.