Social Worker

Heroyline Hatcher
During the 2021/22 school term, it is my pleasure to perform in the role of School Social Worker for the Crawford County School District (CCSD). I am prepared for my unique role, and I know we all will work diligently together to further assist and support our students, families, and local community members.
                                          Overarching Roles/Responsibilities as the CCSD Social Worker
Promotes and supports the students’ academic and social/emotional well-being with the ultimate goal of increasing the graduation rate.
 The School Social Worker will collaborate and consult with students, parents, school administrators, faculty, and the community in the identification of family and student concerns to provide supportive services.
 The School Social Worker will respect the individual differences of children and families.
 The School Social Worker will provide appropriate interventions and services that help children and families who are at risk for educational failure.
 The School Social Worker will develop relationships with students and families to facilitate desired changes identified by the student, family, and school.
Ultimately, as the CCSD Social Worker, my primary charge is to analyze barriers to learning and achievement, while assisting with the development and implementation of strategies that address and eliminate identified barriers to student learning. While school goals and objectives are educational, schools also recognize that achievement is linked to broad aspects of student health, well-being, and other affective needs.
                                                                 RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE:
    School Social Worker (North Carolina)
    Special Education Teacher: 14 & 1/2 years 
       (elementary thru high school levels- Georgia, & South Carolina) 
    Teacher Assistant (Soar to Success in Reading Program) 
    Drug Demand Reduction Program Manager 
    Vocational Evaluator/Work Adjustment Program Manager
    Program Coordinator for Hampton University's Laboratory School Mainstreaming Program
    Exceptional Family Member Program Coordinator and Case Manager 
    Instructor and Counselor (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting classes) 
    Military Police Officer / Correction Officer