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Cybersafety Use Agreement


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This document is comprised of this cover page and three sections:

Section A: Important Cybersafety Initiatives and Rules

Section B: Some Important Staff Obligations Regarding Student Cybersafety

Section C: Staff Cybersafety Use Agreement Form

Instructions for staff

1.  Please read the entire document carefully.

2.  If any clarification is required, it should be discussed with the cybersafety manager or


the principal before the document is signed. Additional background information on


use agreements can be found on the NetSafe


3.  website http://www.gadoe.org/Technology-Services/Instructional-Technology/Pages/



4.  Detach Section C, sign and return it to the office.


5.  It is important to retain the remaining pages for future reference.


6.  Important terms used in this document:

7. 'Cybersafety' refers to the safe use of the Internet and technology equipment/devices, including mobile phones.

8. 'School technology' refers to the school's computer network, Internet access facilities, computers, and other

school technology equipment/devices as outlined in (c) below.


9.  The term 'technology equipment/devices' used in this document, includes but is not limited to; computers (such

as desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, PDAs), storage devices (such as USB and flash memory devices, CDs,

DVDs, floppy disks, iPods, MP3 players), cameras (such as video, digital, webcams), all types of mobile phones,

gaming consoles, video and audio players/receivers (such as portable CD and DVD players), and any other,

similar, technologies as they come into use.


10. Objectionable' in this agreement means material that deals with matters such as sex, cruelty, or violence in

such a manner that it is likely to be injurious to the good of students or incompatible with a school environment.


11. Additional information can be found on Georgia's NetSafe website