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Mr. Wilson's Tutorials - by Common Sense Education

3 Ways to Help Students Build Empathy Using Technology:
Can your students build empathy skills even while using technology? Yes! In fact, exercises that help students build empathy in digital spaces are a crucial part of positive social and emotional learning.

Plus, using empathy skills online is integral for helping kids become responsible digital citizens.

Here are three ways teachers can give students practice using empathy online — just like they would.in face-to-face situations.


How to Assign Group Work in Google Classroom:
..t's gotten a whole lot easier to assign group work in Google Classroom. Learn how to use Google Classroom's assignments feature to create and manage group projects for students. Simply create a new assignment, de-select "all students," select the student in the appropriate group, and title the assignment to clearly identify the responsible group.
Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets: This Week, Next Week, Last Week:
We've covered a lot about using custom formulas for conditional formatting in Google Sheets, especially color-coding cells based on the date. Now let's look at how to color-code cells based on whether a date contained in a cell falls in this week, next week, last week or any other week.
Google Apps:  Applying Conditional Formatting Across Sheets:
Common wisdom says you just can't apply conditional formatting in a Google Apps spreadsheet using data from a different sheet. But here at THE Journal, we laugh in the face of wisdom, common or otherwise. But is such jocularity is justified? Read on.