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State Launches Internet Speedtest Pilot for Schools

Atlanta, GA - Governor Brian P. Kemp today announced that the Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative (GBDI) is launching the Speedtest® by Ookla® pilot project statewide through August. This project is designed to equip school leaders with the clearest picture possible of internet connectivity for Georgia’s students and teachers for the upcoming school year.

“We’re grateful that so many internet service providers and mobile phone carriers have stepped up to meet Georgians’ connectivity needs in this critical time as we’re coping with the continued impact of COVID-19,” said Governor Kemp. “Still, too many households don’t have reliable internet connections, so the Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative is introducing the Speedtest project to give Georgia’s educational leaders new data to drive decisions for remote learning options for students.”

Georgians are encouraged to download the free Ookla Speedtest app (Android or iOS-Apple) to the various devices that they use to connect to the internet (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers) and take several tests in the places where connectivity is important to them. The easy-to-use Speedtest, along with the information available at the Broadband Initiative website, will assist school leaders as they plan for their digital learning strategies.

Ookla is availing additional data for four Georgia counties - Baker, Clayton, Dougherty, and Gordon - for a more thorough pilot assessment, which will enable county educational leaders in those areas to more effectively evaluate distance learning options in the long term. These counties reflect geographic diversity, different types of digital education options, and various public health metrics related to COVID-19.

The GBDI, led by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Georgia Technology Authority, is collaborating with a multi-agency team to assess connectivity options statewide. The Georgia Department of Education, Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, the Georgia Public Library System, University System of Georgia, Georgia State Properties Commission, and Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency are all part of this multi-agency team.

The message these agencies will be distributing across the state through August 31:

Is your home internet too slow?
Do you lose a cellphone signal when you are walking around in your home?
Can you get videos on your smartphone, but it takes a long time to download?
Then WE NEED YOU! Take a Speedtest and help internet service providers and mobile phone carriers know where Georgians need better connectivity.



Speedtest Directions and App Downloads: (data rates may apply)

For mobile devices, download the Speedtest app:

Android  Once installed on your device, open and click “GO” (you can also turn on

the “Speedtest” function in your “Settings” if you are using an Android device.

iOS (Apple)  Once installed on your device, open and click “GO”

For laptops and computers – connected to your home or business internet service:

- Go to https://www.speedtest.net/ and click “GO”