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Copy of Cybersafety Staff Requirements Regarding Students - Section B

Staff Requirements Regarding Student Cybersafety
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1.  Staff has the professional responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children using the school's computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school technology equipment/devices on the school site or at any school-related activity.


2.  If staff is aware that a student has not signed a use agreement, the student will not be permitted to use school technology unless there are special circumstances approved by the principal.


3.  If staff are aware of any students who have not signed a use agreement their names should be reported to the principal, or to the cybersafety administrator.


4.  Staff should guide students in effective strategies for searching and using the Internet.

5.  While students are accessing the Internet in a classroom situation, the supervising staff member should be an active presence. The cybersafety administrator will advise about cybersafety protocols regarding Internet access by students in other situations.


6.  Staff should support students in following the student use agreement. This includes:

a.  Endeavoring to check that all students in their care understand the requirements of the student agreement.

b.  Regularly reminding students of the contents of the use agreement they have signed, and encouraging them to make positive use of technology.

7.  Staff is expected to follow the instructions of the cybersafety administrator regarding their role in maintaining cybersafety if students of the school are permitted email accounts. (Student email accounts may involve remote access or access to private non-school email from within the school or on the school network).



Additional information can be found on Georgia's NetSafe website